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Ethinvest was founded in 1989 by Father and Son, Mac and Ross Knowles and has now grown to over 25 staff.

Ethinvest Board

It was the first financial planning practice in Australia to establish an Ethical Investment division and sustainability has always been a key consideration for how it operates its business. Ethinvest was among the first companies in Australia to become a BCorp and is proud to be a part of that growing community.

Ethinvest recognises that it has an environmental and social responsibility beyond the existing legal and regulatory requirements. As an integral part of the company's business strategy, it is continuously reviewing its impact and performance, regularly improving its operating methods. Ethinvest encourages employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same. 

Ethinvest has developed a Sustainability Policy which governs the way we choose to do business.


Where possible Ethinvest will:

  • Continue to resource its online database to reduce paper consumption

  • Avoid unnecessary printing

  • Print double-sided

  • Re-use scrap paper

  • Source post-consumer recycled paper

  • Source carbon neutral paper

  • Ensure virgin paper is Forest Stewardship Council certified

  • Recycle sensitive documents in a secure manner

  • Purchase 100% recycled kitchen paper towel

  • Consider packaging waste when making purchases


Where possible Ethinvest will:

  • Propose web conference meetings to avoid unnecessary travel

  • Purchase carbon credits to offset any
    flights for business travel

  • Allow staff to work remotely where responsibilities permit

Our people
  • The Ethinvest Board is 1/3 female

  • Ethinvest has a 'best practice' parental leave policy

  • Staff are rewarded with 5 weeks holiday per year

Energy & Water

Where possible Ethinvest will:

  • Purchase 100% renewable electricity

  • Shut down computers and photocopier at the end of business and turn off all lights

  • Utilise isolated lighting switches

  • Reduce water usage

Rubbish and recycling

Where possible Ethinvest will:

  • Choose to donate or re-purpose electrical equipment that is no longer of use to the company

  • Ensure all technology equipment that has reached the end of its life is responsibly disposed via an e-waste recycler

  • Provide bins within the office for all items that can be recycled ; paper, cardboard. aluminum, plastics, batteries

Everything else

Where possible Ethinvest will:

  • Prioritise repair over replacement

  • Only purchase new supplies and equipment when absolutely essential

  • Consult ethical supply chain guides before making purchases

  • Choose fair trade tea, coffee, cocoa and sugar

  • Purchase environmentally friendly detergents and disinfectants

  • Support smaller businesses when purchasing kitchen grocery items

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