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Ethical Investing

Ethical investing means putting your money (whether it’s your Super, a Pension or other savings) into investments that align with your personal ethics and values, while helping you reach your financial goals.


We consider the social and/or environmental concerns important to you, alongside the financial returns available from any investment we recommend.

Impact Investing

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Impact Investing directs capital towards intentionally beneficial activities that provide a financial return, while also measuring their positive impact on the planet and its people.


In 2014 Ethinvest launched our sister company Australian Impact Investments (Aii), with the intention of growing the impact investing opportunities available to Australian investors. We are proud that Aii now has impact investment funds under advice of over $300 million, with a significant portion contributed by Ethinvest clients, underscoring the tangible positive difference being made.

It is important to note that Impact Investments are generally only available to Wholesale Investors - those with more than $2.5 million in investible assets or income of over $250,000 per year. 

If you are interested to learn more please contact us or reach out to the team at Aii here

Impact Spectrum

Our Impact Spectrum

Each investment is categorised as having one of four types of impact – harm to people or planet (H), avoid harm (A), benefit to people and planet (B) and contribute to solutions (C). We reserve type C for those investments where impact is intentional and measurable. We call this the Impact Spectrum.

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