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Season's Greetings from Ethinvest

As we head toward the holiday season and, no doubt, a much needed break to rest, enjoy family and friends and reflect on what’s ahead for 2024, the team at Ethinvest thought we’d share with you some ideas to celebrate with the environment in mind.

Our friends at WWF Australia have compiled a great list of 30+ Tips for a plastic-free holiday that also includes gift and entertainment ideas to celebrate in style but minimise your environmental impact.


Their list includes great information on how to make your own decorations using things from around the house, where to buy fairtrade decorations and tips on where to find solar powered lights. Gift ideas include homemade pickles and jams, bees wrap reusable bee’s wax food wraps and where to find great gift experiences instead of “stuff.”

The Ethinvest team was particularly impressed by information about how to prepare a sustainable holiday feast with great looking vegetarian and vegan dishes. For those of you planning a seafood feast, the wonderful GoodFish Guide developed and updated regularly by the Australian Marine Conservation Foundation is just what you need to ensure a sustainable holiday. 


Finally, for those who find the holiday season challenging – many of us do! -- the wonderful team at the Black Dog Institute offer Ten Tips to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season after a Difficult Year. Their list includes thinking before committing to the meet the expectations of others, remember what you’ve done well this year and be in the moment and have fun!


A big thanks to all the great charities above for doing the homework for us this holiday season and to all of you for working with us to ensure your investments are made with the planet and our future in mind.

Wising you all a wonderful holiday break and we look forward to working with you in 2024.




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