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Podcast: Is Green Growth Possible?

New York Times podcaster Ezra Pound talks to data scientists and “Not the End of World” author Hannah Richie about why she’s optimistic about whether the world can really decarbonise with the resources we have without giving up our lifestyles.

The Guardian’s review of Ritchie's Not the End of the World says she offers an enlightening and optimistic perspective that is particularly relevant for those interested in ethical investment. As an accomplished researcher at Our World in Data, Ritchie employs a rigorous, data-driven approach to debunk the pervasive narrative of environmental and societal decline. She meticulously highlights the progress humanity has made across various domains such as health, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability, providing a balanced view that combines realism with hope.

For the ethical investor, Ritchie's work is a valuable resource. It underscores the positive impact that well-directed investments can have on global challenges. By showcasing concrete improvements in human well-being and environmental health, Ritchie demonstrates the potential of sustainable and responsible investments to drive further progress. Her emphasis on innovation and effective policymaking aligns well with the goals of ethical investors who seek to balance financial returns with social and environmental benefits.

Moreover, Ritchie's accessible writing style makes complex data and trends understandable and relatable. This makes her book not only informative but also inspiring, motivating investors to consider the broader impact of their investment choices. By framing progress within a context of continuous improvement and opportunity, Not the End of the World serves as a compelling argument for the power of ethical investments to contribute to a better future. For investors committed to sustainability, this book provides both a reassuring outlook and a call to action, reinforcing the belief that their financial decisions can and do make a difference.

To listen to the full podcast, click here.

You can also purchase Hannah's book here.




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