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Chocolate Scorecard: The Ethical Easter Guide!

Just in time for Easter, the 5th Chocolate Scorecard was launched by the tracking organisation Be Slavery Free on 20 March. As you prepare to fill your Easter basket with chocolate eggs and bunnies, the Scorecard can help you choose chocolate products and companies that are good for the environment and the people who grow and make chocolate around the world. From Lindt and Nestlé to Godiva and Ferrero, find out how your favourite chocolate stacks up before you buy (click here)!

The Scorecard team tracks a range of companies (sadly, not our favourite Australian companies) across everything from deforestation and pesticide use to whether growers and companies have solid anti-slavery policies to ensure their workers are treated fairly and paid well. The chocolate industry is undergoing significant change, but certain aspects, such as farmer poverty, remain unchanged despite being a longstanding issue. It is essential that the chocolate industry continues to prioritise sustainability, fair labour practices, and environmental conservation. This includes ensuring fair compensation for farmers, promoting responsible sourcing practices, reducing pesticide use, and safeguarding against child labour, any forced labour, and deforestation.

Moreover, the chocolate industry has the resources to address these challenges. It is powerful and lucrative, with consumption around 1 kg for each person on the planet – that's 7.7 billion people! Forecasted revenue growth stands at 5.6%, surpassing global economic growth estimates of 2.6%. In 2024, it is expected to generate around US$254 billion.

To check the Chocolate Scorecard before you buy this Easter, click here!





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