Tailored Financial Advice
Ethinvest provides comprehensive financial planning and investment advice to a wide range of clients.
Ethinvest specialises in the design and management of cost-effective direct share portfolios, with an emphasis on personal service. Most of our clients have their own individually managed portfolios created specifically for their own needs and circumstances. Ethinvest is passionate about working with clients to ensure that their investment portfolios align with their values and outlook. We also offer a range of model portfolios for clients who prefer to take a less active approach to their investments, and want to outsource investment decision making to Ethinvest, knowing that ethical screening is a key part of our approach.
Our clients hold assets in a variety of ways. They are trustees of Self Managed Super Funds, directors of investment companies, act for not-for-profits, Non Government Organisations and charitable foundations or people who hold assets in their own name.
Investment Options

Ethinvest was the first financial planning company in Australia with a dedicated focus on ethical investment.

We are keen to ensure that our clients know what their money is doing. Our aim is to work with clients so that their investment portfolios shape and fund the world they would like to live in.

Through our subsidiary, Australian Impact Investments we provide comprehensive advice regarding impact investments. Our purpose in this regard is to value and create social and environmental outcomes, along with competitive financial returns.

We often assist clients with strategies beyond traditional financial planning and look at structuring approaches to charitable giving. This may involve the establishment of a  Private Ancillary Fund, or we have also set up a public ancillary fund, the Community Impact Foundation (CIF), to assist clients.

For information about the CIF please contact our Director of Philanthropy Blair Palese.