Trevor Thomas


Managing Director and Financial Adviser
Trevor Thomas

Trevor joined Ethinvest in 1997 after spending 6 years in South America working in economic development. Prior to that he was employed as an economist with one of Australia’s major banks and AP Dow Jones Telerate.

Trevor graduated in Economics at Sydney University and has an MBA from Eastern University in Philadelphia. He has been a Certified Financial Planner since 2003.

Trevor is a trustee of a number of philanthropic organisations, including the John T Reid Charitable Trusts and the Community Impact Foundation, and assists a number of charitable trusts and not for profit organisations with their investment strategies.

​​Trevor has a long-standing interest in development and advocacy, until late 2010 he chaired the board of TEAR Australia. He enjoys running, reading and current affairs.

Trevor is supported by Elaine Zhang (Senior Paraplanner) and Erin McAlister (Client Relationship Manager).