The Ethinvest ASX Screened

Index Model

Ethinvest has created two Screened Index Models; the ASX50 and ASX100. 

Both of the Ethinvest model portfolios are available on The Emerald Wrap and are filtered via a proprietary system that segregates companies into:



Companies that are directly involved in excluded activities.



Companies that are not directly involved in excluded activities, but not actively involved in promoting more sustainable business practices.



Companies that are not directly involved in excluded activities and are promoters of more sustainable business practices.

After screening, the remaining companies are then weighted in a portfolio by market capitalisation. Market capitalisation is simply calculated as the number of issued shares multiplied by the calculated closing share price, with both figures taken at the end of each quarter. Weighted average shares on issue (free float) and “in the money” options are not considered.

More information is available below: