Our Services

Ethinvest provides financial planning and investment advice to a wide range of clients. Ethinvest will work with you to identify and achieve your financial and investment objectives.

Your financial adviser creates specific recommendations based on your needs. Our advice is written in plain, concise English, without jargon or pages of superfluous information. Your adviser is supported by a team of specialists to help implement the advice and provide ongoing services. We will provide sufficient information to justify any recommendations that we make and provide comprehensive quarterly portfolio reports so you can track progress against your goals. You can contact Ethinvest at any time to discuss your investments.

Our core services are Financial Planning, Investment Advice, Reporting, Ethical Investing, Impact Investing and Philanthropy, with further detail set out below.



Financial Planning

​Our work with you begins with a comprehensive financial plan. We ask new clients to complete a risk assessment and spend time understanding your position, both in terms of financial and life goals. The financial plan sets out our understanding of your current circumstances, articulates your goals and we recommend a strategy to meet these objectives. We may address structuring questions, such as establishing a self-managed super fund. Ethinvest will periodically revisit your financial plan to track progress and see if circumstances in your life have changed to necessitate amendments.

We are always available to discuss important financial decisions with your and your family, and to provide additional advice whenever that would be helpful.    

Investment Advice

Managing investments is the cornerstone of the ongoing services provided by Ethinvest. We look at your investment objectives, addresses asset allocation and recommend specific implementation of transactions across asset classes from cash, fixed income, equities, real estate and managed funds. We explain strategies for managing the different risks that all investors face, and include realistic projections of outcomes from implementing our recommendation. Your Financial Adviser will engage with you on a range of issues including acquisition and disposal of specific investments. Time sensitive advice may relate to specific corporate activity, such as a merger or a share buyback. As new opportunities arise, such as a new stock listing or offering from a fund manager, we may recommend a rebalancing of your portfolio. Periodic performance and investment reviews are conducted by your Financial Adviser, which track back and relate to your investment goals and objectives. 


Our quarterly reporting provides a comprehensive update on your portfolio.  Included in the quarterly reporting is portfolio performance benchmarking. Any outperformance or underperformance is highlighted, along with appropriate Investment Advice from your Financial Adviser. Ethinvest provides an annual summary of relevant information for your tax agent to make it easier for you to manage your affairs. Portfolio snapshots can be provided by email upon request.

Ethical Investments

Ethical investment involves directing your investments in accordance with your social and environmental convictions – and avoiding investment in areas to which you are opposed. One of our first tasks is to develop an understanding of your values, environmental and social concerns, as well as the financial factors that we need to consider when developing appropriate strategies for you.

At a time when many companies are seeking to position themselves as “employers of choice” and good corporate citizens, Ethinvest dedicates significant resources to in-house research to ensure that our clients are well informed.

Our recommendations come with ethical profiles so that you can make up your own mind on each investment.

Impact Investments
Australian Impact Investments

Ethinvest has been at the forefront of promoting Impact Investing in Australia, where specific social and environmental outcomes are targeted alongside financial returns. Ethinvest is supported by a dedicated research team, Australian Impact Investments (“Aii”). Aii investigates the impact merit of listed and unlisted investments, which form the basis of specific recommendations from your Financial Adviser. Previous recommendations have ranged from local community-based initiatives through to professionally managed corporate investments. 

Examples include: education for children on the Autism Spectrum; community renewable energy programs, vocational placement for people with a disability, programs addressing homelessness, sustainable agriculture, indigenous enterprise and water entitlements in the Murray Darling Basin that provide additional environmental flows to Australia’s major river system.   

Philanthropy & Giving
Community Impact Foundation

Supporting philanthropy was a founding goal of Ethinvest and our directors are actively engaged in this field on a personal basis. We assist many not-for-profits, NGOs, charities and foundations to invest their funds for long-term benefit. In addition, we assist many people to structure their giving, select the most appropriate beneficiaries and ensure donations and investments are strategically aligned. To further these efforts, we established the Community Impact Foundation (“CIF”) in 2014. The CIF acts as a vehicle that facilitates accumulation of funds

to be donated to charity. Ethinvest manages these funds on an ongoing basis. Donors can recommend that the trustees donate to charities that have Deductible Gift Recipient status. To date, the Community Impact Foundation has donated nearly $8,000,000 to a wide range of charities.

Ethinvest has also assisted clients to set up their own Private Ancillary Funds. Should you be interested in philanthropy, your Financial Adviser will be able to assist.

Shareholder Activism

Ethinvest is committed to promoting and upholding responsible environmental, social and corporate governance practices and see our shareholder advocacy as a powerful way to effect positive changes. 

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