Shareholder Activism

Shareholder Activism 2016

This page lists companies Ethinvest has engaged with in 2016, both in cooperation with and on behalf of clients and associated organisations. We are committed to promoting and upholding responsible environmental, social and corporate governance practices and see our shareholder advocacy as a powerful way to effect positive changes.

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Ethinvest facilitates the appointment of proxies to campaigners who would like to be able to directly question the board at their Annual General Meetings. The list below includes the different companies that we were able to do this for.


AGL faced a flurry of questions on climate change and the impacts of pollution from their coal power stations and coal seam gas field.

ANZ Bank

The board was questioned regarding ANZ’s support of fossil fuel projects.


One shareholder asked the board to apologise on behalf of the company for the terrible impacts of ANZ’s fossil fuel lending on communities and ecosystems in Australia and around the world.


Questions were asked regarding exacerbation of climate change, potentially irreversible damage to the natural environment in the Galilee, the health impacts of coal dust and Aurizon’s inability to deal with risks associated with stranded assets.


Questions were asked about whether Downer would continue its partnership with Adani considering the objections of the traditional owners to the project.


The board, and its external auditor KPMG, was questioned about its approach to climate change risk.

New Hope Group

The board was asked what the future holds for a company whose only product must be phased out as soon as possible. It was also asked its view on when changes to the current value of the company’s assets might occur.


There were also questions on India and China’s shift away from coal, in part due to their terrible air pollution problems and the implications that has for New Hope Group.


Senex was asked about exploration targets in its remuneration packages.

Stanmore Coal

The board was asked about how the company planned to avoid massive losses in the face of a global transition away from coal-fired power generation. It was also asked if the company was planning to reduce the level of financial assurance required for Isaac Plains Coal Mine by increasing the rate of progressive rehabilitation.

Whitehaven Coal

The board was asked about how much it is planning to spend on rehabilitating Maules Creek mine site.

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